Addons required

Here are the list of current addons. Please note this can change so please check often.

Name Function
3CB BAF Equipment UK kit
3CB BAF Units UK uniforms
3CB BAF Vehicles UK vehicles
3CBAF Weapons UK weapons
ACEX Part of ACE
Advanced Combat Environment 3.9.1 **Get off Workshop mine won't run unless it's off the ACE site)**
Advanced Rappelling Helo insertions
Advanced Towing Allows for vehicle towing
Advanced Urban Rappeling Allows for rappeling off objects
AL!VE Required for Syder
CAF_AG1.5 Adds enemy factions
CBA3 Required makes it all work
CUP Terrains - Core Adds items ported from ARMA 2
CUP Terrains - CWA Adds items ported from ARMA 2
CUP Terrains - MAPS Adds items ported from ARMA 2
Diyala Map Terrain
Fallujah Terrain
FHQ_Accessories Additional weapon items (sights)
Isla Duala 3.8 Terrain
IWAR Irregular Warfare Adds additional factions
Jbad Required building textures
Kunduz Afghanistan Terrain
Lingor + Dingor Island Terrain
MCC Sand Box Mission making
Project Opfor Additional factions
Real World Weather Real world weather conditions
RH Pistol Pack additional side arms (Sig P266
RHSAFRF Russian Units
RHSGREF Eastern Europe units
Sangin Proving Helmand A2 Terrain
Spyder Addons Interactions
Task Force Radio Comms
Name Function
SID_CoolWalk aesthetics - walk with one hand holding the rifle
Enhanced Soundscape Sound
Blastcore Grpahics
Dynasound * Sound
*most likely will switch to Dynasound
Jury is still out

ARMA 3 Addons

In an effort to reduce the number of addons and the amount of disk space used these will change.

Drag this file or link to it to Arma 3 Launcher or open it Mods / Preset / Import.

For those addons not found on the workshop...